String Thing Music
String Thing Music
It's all about the music!! String Thing Music
It's all about the music!! String Thing Music

Mission Statement

To enrich the lives of students of all ages, beginner or advanced, by sharing and teaching music in a relaxed, noncompetitive atmosphere.

Mission Goal

1. Develop a solid foundation of the basic techniques necessary for playing a musical instrument.

Playing an instrument is a physical activity. Proper posture and basic techniques are essential for playing an instrument well.

2. Develop musical sense.

By acquiring a working knowledge of the fundamentals of music and the basics of music theory, students will gain a sense of music.

3. Create a positive musical experience.

No matter what degree of expertise the student aspires to, or attains, be it playing for self, friends and family, playing with a local band or ensemble group, or working for a major symphony, a positive musical experience is essential to the students’ musical life.

4. Above all else, have fun!

Music is fun. Playing an instrument and making music is fun. And though learning to play an instrument requires commitment and discipline, when coupled with a positive attitude and positive musical environment, the over all experience should be fun.

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